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Application and Evaluation Process

  • First Stage


    st stage

  • Second Stage


    nd stage

  • Third Stage


    rd stage


  • The application process is conducted in English ONLY
  • The application is completed and submitted on-line ONLY
  • Please follow detailed instructions
  • Use forms where provided
To learn more and to see the current competition documentation, please click here.
  • All required fields in the electronic form were completed in English.
  • All attachments were uploaded to the “Attachments” tab.
  • No more than two letters of intent were uploaded in each section dedicated to project partners.
  • The application was submitted by clicking the “Submit application” button.

Applicant’s checklist

  • Where appropriate the correct downloadable forms were used.
  • The applicant’s statement was printed, signed and uploaded.
  • Letters of intent were signed by authorized persons, and if relevant, an additional page with the authorization has also been uploaded.