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Legal form

Legal form

The IRAP implementing unit can adopt a number of legal forms:

  • A Foundation whose statutory objective is to conduct scientific research. The statute of the foundation will set out its activities and the responsibilities of its governing bodies, lay out the method of cooperation with a foreign partner unit, as well as ensure the durability of the adopted objectives and competence.

A sample statute of a foundation complying with the terms of the competition can be downloaded from the IRAP website: click here.

  • A unit operating under an international agreement (e.g. a joint unit of a Polish and a foreign higher education institution).
  • Other options are also possible however they all need to fulfil the Competition Documentation requirements.
  • Existing institutions can also apply, however a number of important conditions need to be met following the awarding of the grant, which include the role of the International Scientific Committee and staff evaluations.

The applicant can use the expert opinion on the various legal forms of entities, made available by the FNP on the programme’s website. Where the assumptions of the expert opinion differ from the assumptions of the competition as stated in the IRAP Competition Documentation, the rules provided for in the Competition Documentation take precedence.