Attention! You are currently viewing the archive page with basic information about the programme and the application process. The current website of the IRAP Programme, regarding the implementation of projects is now available here:
Supporting the best,
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About the programme

  • The Applicant
  • The research agenda
  • International Scientific Committee
  • Strategic partner institution
  • Local host institution
  • Industrial connectivity
  • Subject scope
  • Legal form

The International Research Agendas programme provides support for specialised, independent research units in Poland which will pursue international research agendas in strategic cooperation with renowned scientific institutions from other countries. The scope of the proposed research as well as the project lead’s international standing are key for the research centre’s success and its international scientific visibility. The challenge itself as well as the proposed means of solving it must be important enough so that the results of the research will be likely to be published in top scientific/scholarly journals and presented at prestigious scientific meetings.

The grant should lead to the creation of highly specialized, world-class research centres which apply the best international practices with regards to:

  • HR policy
  • R&D management
  • Commercialisation of R&D results.

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